beehive montessori school

The Montessori School in Mosman Park is an independently run school providing a learning environment allowing students a significant degree of independence and self-correction within an inclusive educational model. It caters for all primary school levels and adolescents to year 9. 

The school is blessed with a magnificent location only 50m from the Indian Ocean. As such, its engagement with the site and surroundings is critical to the success of the design. This included responses to the cooling summer breeze, cold winter winds, salt corrosion, views and the future impact of redevelopment in adjacent areas.

A critical requirement of the School was for the buildings to be as sustainable as possible and connect the children to the outdoors and the climate during the course of their day. Areas for gardening, cooking, dreaming, quiet studying or group activities were needed to be incorporated into the classroom.

In response, EHDO approached the design of the school as a Mediterranean seaside village, one that feels intimate rather than institutional. Various scaled buildings, open spaces, pedestrian corridors, class and public courtyards were created with a main ‘piazza’ pulling these elements together. This has created a vibrant school community with strong social connections.