beehive montessori school


"From the word go it has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with the team at Earth House (EHDO). They took the time to understand the pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) underlying Montessori education and factored that in to their concept deign to meet the developing needs of our students. They were punctual, honest and caring which makes working with them a pleasure."

Rhonda Sheehan, Principal Beehive Montessori School


With the 5th stage currently under construction, EHDO has led the re-build of this independent school from masterplan through design and construction since 2009.

This school is blessed with a magnificent location only 50m from the Indian Ocean. Its engagement with the site and surroundings is critical to the success of the design, including our responses to the cooling summer breeze, cold winter winds, salt corrosion, views and the future impact of redevelopment in adjacent areas.

Beehive is an independently run school providing a learning environment that allows students significant independence within an inclusive educational model. A requirement of the School is the children’s connection to both the outdoors and climate during their day with facilities accommodating a wide range of activities. Arrangement of buildings and spaces reflect the Montessori pedagogy with the provision of a variety of flexible use spaces indoor and out.

EHDO approached the design as a Mediterranean seaside village, one that feels intimate rather than institutional. Various scaled buildings, open spaces, pedestrian corridors, class and public courtyards were created with a main ‘piazza’ pulling these elements together. This has facilitated a vibrant school community.

images by Bo Wong