Fremantle’s central town square sits amongst two beautiful existing heritage buildings and a number of extraordinary mature trees. Despite this magical setting, it has a recent history of dysfunction and underutilisation. In this scheme for the Kingsquare competition in central Fremantle, a new building was turned into an urban park as a place of relaxation, commerce and events. It presents a bold reinterpretation of what an urban space could be by offering a variety of open space and built forms that connect and flow between each other in a relaxed and welcoming way.

By relieving the normally flat topography of the city with a ‘hill’ in the centre and allowing a diversity of uses, its form creates a surprise for the pedestrian and a focal point for people to gather and enjoy one of the best climates in the world day or night.

Design Team:    EHDO + Bloxas (Melbourne) + Andy Yu (Melbourne)