Located in the Knutsford precinct, 10 minutes’ walk away from Fremantle, Nightingale Fremantle will be the first Nightingale Model Housing to be constructed outside of Melbourne.

Our design for this environmentally minded mixed-use development contains 13 apartments (minimum 8.5 star rated) and 270m2 of commercial space (plus amenities) for a Nightingale community currently in the making.

EHDO has received planning approval with the council taking 45 seconds to make their decision at their committee meeting. “If we could give out gold stars for applications this one would be covered in them” commented Cr Bryn Jones from the City of Fremantle.

Overall the mass addresses the scale of the neighbouring light industrial buildings. Breaking the project in to two semi-connected buildings with shared circulation allows each apartment to have access to north light and ambient south light and access to south-west cooling breezes to all habitable spaces.

Outlook to the rear block will be enhanced by a central garden. Ground level garden beds provide deep root zones for new trees while elevated gardens along external walkways raise garden beds to be immediately visible to second storey dwellers.Appropriately placed tree varieties will be selected based on their performance, deciduous where winter sun is required and natives where appropriate while being as water-wise as possible.   

The use of the ground floor commercial spaces will be decided in consultation with the purchasers of the apartments as well as the surrounding community to see what types of businesses are preferred. Our apartment purchasers will have the option to retain these spaces under the strata, the rent of these spaces would then offset ongoing strata costs.

A feature of all current Nightingale projects is the shared rooftop space. Here we have included veggie beds, a community space and garden all around the edges to create a multifunctional space for all residents. The intention of this space is not only to increase amenity for the residence but a space where everyone can come together, developing the community of Nightingale Fremantle.

In addition to passive solar measures, thermal comfort will be enhanced by the use of double glazing and the primary construction will be reverse brick veneer. The average star rating achieved for all apartments is currently 9 stars.

The provision of PV (photovoltaic cells) integrated in to the shade canopy located on the roof top garden will make these homes more affordable in their ongoing running costs. 

The edges of the site are designed to have a positive effect on the streetscape and connect the ground floor strongly with the community, inviting inclusion and providing ‘third spaces’ for all to use. The design intent is to extend the built landscape into the verge area with planters, steps for public access and sitting and extensive planting.

Nightingale Fremantle is due to commence construction in 2018.