This project was an exercise in adaptability. 

Originally a Sonia's Beauty Salon, it became an office for EHDO. From the very beginning of us working there, it was to become a residential apartment down the track, so planning was put in place to allow this flexibility of use.

Starting out as a single, open floor space with no services, we designed a ‘pod’ that provides a kitchen, universal access bathroom/toilet/laundry space & storage. It included all electrics and a hot water system and was sized to fit on the back of a container truck for standardisation and ease of delivery. The pod was located in such a way as to spatially arrange the existing volume into different zones, without the need for additional internal walls. 

As an architecture office, meeting, working and product library areas were clearly defined, but kept people visually connected. The same principle applied when it was converted into an apartment for dining, lounge and bedroom areas. This has ensured the longevity of the space, by adapting to changing of use without need for modification.

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